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WOE UNTO ME Release Video/Single For "Blood-Black Nothingness Stops Spinning"

Belarus’ WOE UNTO ME is no stranger to some as the group formed in 2008 by guitarists Artyom Serdyuk (also of Deathbringer) and Dzmitry Shchyhlinski and appeared on the scene with their 2014 debut album, ‘A Step Into The Waters Of Forgetfulness,’ on Solitude Productions and its 2017 follow-up, ‘Along The Lightened Skies the Voidness Flashed.’ Both equally revered by underground and European press and cementing their name as a band to watch for fans of all things doom. For several years supporting these albums WOE UNTO ME performed all over Eastern Europe on tours and festivals in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania. Ukraine, Poland, Finland and Russia, sharing stages with Shape of Despair, Saturnus, Ereb Altor, Hate, Arkona, Mors Principium Est, Swallow The Sun, Ophis and more. Now signed to M-Theory Audio it’s time to expand their depression and mournfulness across Western Europe and North America with next year’s album release, ‘Among The Meandering Ordeals, Reshape the Pivot of Harmony,’ internationally early next spring.

From that album comes the six-piece’s second single, “Blood-Black Nothingness Stops Spinning,” including a lyric video created by Raf Ortega of Ecliptic Visions (Ayreon, Subterranean Masquerade, Hecate Enthroned) which can be viewed HERE.

"Imagine yourself running in the constant movement of life keeping its fast pace, but suddenly you stop to take a breath," explains vocalist Igor Kovalyov regarding the song's lyrical perspective. "You find yourself far way from the wild stream of time. You are a lone observer. You see how everything around is changing rapidly. Nevertheless, you, your principles and hopes remain unchanged. You are in harmony with yourself in your solitude while the fate of millions is being ground in the chaos of life. This song is about this condition - 'Panta Rhei' which means 'everything flows,' a concept in the philosophy of Heraclitus."

"For Heraclitus, fire nourishes life which moves upwards in a path of creation. Then a downward path of destruction follows as life gives place to death in a circular path that never ceases. Sri Aurobindo, the Indian philosopher, found a lot of similarities between Heraclitus' though and various forms of Hindu mysticism. This is also one of the pivotal ideas in our album. Being and non-being are opposed to each other but also two sides of the same coin. Without the one, the other cannot be. Consequently, the upward and downward path, although they appear different, are in fact the same, as both are becoming their opposite. The world flows and constantly changes. During this unending process of morphing, life becomes death, death life, and everything gives its place to something else," further reveals guitarist Artyom Serdyuk.

"The music is also both very soothing and quite soft but at the same time the general atmosphere is pretty dark and creates tension. The structure of the song depicts the same flow and circular path. The title of the song, in its turn, also reflects the whole spirality that we're talking about but emphasizing the moment when the spiral movement stops for our main character. With a slight change it's borrowed from the phrase in Vladimir Nabokov's novel 'Pale Fire.' Many of you probably noticed the same quote also in Denis Villeneuve's movie 'Blade Runner 2049.'

"Blood-Black Nothingness Stops Spinning" follows the first single, “Deep Beneath The Burden,” with its accompanying music video which can be seen HERE. Both songs come from the group’s anticipated new album, ‘Along The Meandering Ordeals, Reshape the Pivot of Harmony,’ which is expected in early spring (watch for pre-orders soon) and continues the group’s continued evolution and maturity musically and lyrically.

“Musically the new record is the continuation of our movement into more progressive realms of doom metal. This is not a typical funeral doom or death-doom, but it contains the elements of all kinds of doom metal sub-genres,” states Artyom. “I think this album is going to be the most atmospheric, eclectic and mature in our discography so far. It’s quite complex musically and lyrically but at the same time I think it will be easier in terms of perception and more interesting even for the listeners that are not the fans of a classical doom metal. In terms of lyrics on this album we decided to move away from the typical plots for this kind of music and refused to just describe depressive or destructive conditions of a human being. We focused on the investigation of the nature of these feelings and tried to analyze them from the philosophical point of view.”

More information on WOE UNTO ME and the upcoming album release will be revealed in the weeks to come at and by M-Theory Audio.

LIVING WRECKAGE Present “The End of the Line” Video

Debut album from members of Anthrax, Shadows Fall, Let Us Prey in stores and online

LIVING WRECKAGE – a new powerhouse of metal musicians comprised of vocalist Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision), guitarists Jon Donais (Anthrax, Shadows Fall) and Matt LeBreton (Downpour), bassist Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act of Defiance) and drummer Jon Morency (Let Us Prey) – have unleashed a new lyric video “The End of the Line,” another strong track from the new group’s recently released full-length self-titled album. The clip can be viewed HERE.

"I'm kinda making an indirect statement that if individual people or us as a society want to move forward, we can't be pointing the finger or bullshitting ourselves," explains singer Jeff Gard regarding the lyrical content of the track. 

LIVING WRECKAGE’s debut was released worldwide by M-Theory Audio on CD, limited-edition (400 copies) on sea-green colored vinyl and digital. Produced and engineered by Shane Frisby (Revocation, Unearth, The Ghost Inside), and mixed by Pete Rutcho (Falling in Reverse, Danny Elfman), the album has been anticipated by fans curious to hear more music, after how quickly their 3-song EP sold out. Radio support and positive reviews keep coming in, as evidenced here -

"A throwback rager that sees Donais and LeBreton shredding their hearts out while Gard showcases his John Bush-esque pipes. Crank it." - Revolver

"I think if you're a Shadows Fall fan, you will probably like this, both the thrashy main riff and subsequent breakdown are very much in the vein of that band - to say nothing of Donais' solo, which may be his shreddiest to date" - MetalSucks

"Whether it be easy-to-absorb vocals, bad-to-the-bone riffing or carefully choreographed songs, Living Wreckage provide more than enough substance to tick the boxes for just about any hard rock or metal fan." - Ghost Cult

"If you like a little rock 'n roll with your metal this is the album for you. It's often heavy, often pretty, often exciting, but it's always catchy with soaring choruses and energetic rhythms. If you miss the lively days of '80s rock but want seriously heavy music without the excesses, Living Wreckage perfectly threads the needle" - Metal Digest

Three samples of LIVING WRECKAGE’s melodic, over-driven power can be heard as prior singles on digital platforms or by watching their videos on YouTube for “One Foot in the Grave”, “Breaking Point” and “Endless War”. The album is available for order now HERE or support your local retailer.

LIVING WRECKAGE upcoming live shows –

11/26 - Se7ens - Easthampton, MA

12/2 - Geraldine's - Chicopee, MA w/Tree

12/9 - Empire Underground - Albany, NY w/Extinction AD

12/16 - Cellar on Treadwell - Hamden, CT w/Continuum

12/17 - Jewel - Manchester, MA

More information about additional live performances by the band will be unveiled in the weeks to come by M-Theory Audio and at

Finnish Extreme Metallers ANZILLU Release “Discordia”

Music Video and Digital Single

Debut Album ‘Ex Nihilo’ out Jan. 27th – Pre-order Now

Finnish extreme metallers ANZILLU – whose sound is punctuated by buzz-saw guitar riffs delivered with equal amounts of dexterous shredding and pummeling anthemic brute force – release the fourth single/video from their anticipated debut album. Today the digital single “Discordia” is available on all streaming and download platforms and you can watch the video HERE.

"'Discordia' was one of the reasons my previous band split up. It might be a divisive song for some people, but we firmly stand behind it," explains guitarist Jesse Kamarainen. "In the album context it fits perfectly as a breather in between more brutal songs and showcases the band's versatility in songwriting. The song's longing melody gives it almost a power ballad vibe, while the tempo is punishing 200bpm with lots of guitar action that culminates to an epic solo. The lyrics deal with a withering friendship that takes more than gives and how to let go. I think it's an important message that sometimes it's just time to move on from something that once was great, but has only become a shadow of its former glory."

“Discordia” is the fourth offering from the new name in the Finnish metal scene following up slamming numbers like Trumpets Of War, Needles (On My Nerves) and The Cleansing Flame showcasing the group’s power and impact evident on forthcoming album, ‘Ex Nihilo,’ to be release January 27th on Digipak CD, limited edition magenta colored vinyl (300 copies) and Digital. Pre-Order on Bandcamp or our Webstore

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